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Selective Marine Scrup

SELECTIVE Scalp Marine Scrup 200gr

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It has a deep detoxifying effect, removing dead cells, excess sebum
and stress caused by air pollution , which blocks the hair bulbs every day.

Purifying exfoliation maintains the perfect balance of the natural protective barrier and accelerates cell renewal,
for healthy hair growth and a more vital and vigorous scalp.

Active ingredients:

DRY SEA SALT: has draining and stimulating properties. Derived from seawater through natural evaporation,
frees pores and stimulates circulation. The strength of the metals naturally present in it,
like iodine and magnesium, regenerate and smooth the scalp, providing a feeling of energy and lightness.

Instructions for use:
Apply to wet scalp using a brush. Apply to the scalp with gentle,
circular movements to stimulate the tissues. Leave it on for a few minutes. Add water to obtain more abundant foam,
deep clean and activate the cleaning step. Rinse well and proceed with Pure Elixir.
Packaging: 200gr